Mar 21 2020

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En real estate


En real estate

We enhance working and living environments via redevelopment and rejuvenation, focusing on areas with close proximity to urban centers and community hubs.

We develop smarter commercial buildings through the combination of high architectural quality and technologically-advanced designs, ensuring an optimized space for patrons, property managers, and investors.

We are delivering a commercial and residential project in central locations of European cities as new-built, refurbishments and regeneration of historical sites. Our key strengths are in the identification of the opportunities, concept development and full delivery of the projects. Our team has current presence and market expertise in CEE, UK, and Germany.

Leader of division

In 2008 he joined Eastfield Group to become Development Director in Russia, where he was responsible for delivery of various industrial, commercial and residential projects. In 2011 he joined HB Reavis as Acquisition Manager, mainly responsible for the Group’s expansion into new markets focusing on the UK, Turkey, and Germany. Following the successful acquisition of HB Reavis’ first UK asset in 2013, Tomáš relocated to London and became the CEO of HB Reavis UK.

In 2018 Tomas joined MiddleCap Real Estate to develop their presence on international markets and prepare investment platform in real estate development.

Head of Real Estate

Leader of division

Robert started his career in the real estate market more than a decade ago. He gained his valuable experience through collaboration with the developers of known real estate projects in the Bratislava region. As a Sales Director, he participated in the development of Sotheby‘s International Realty focusing on the most prestigious residential real estate. In 2014 Robert started to run a project Gorkého4 Offices, a complete reconstruction of a former building of the Chamber of Commerce in the historical center of Bratislava. Since 2015 he runs a real estate project of MiddleCap Group in Bratislava focusing on the whole administrative part of a revitalized complex of a former brewery Stein in Bratislava, also known as Steinerka BC and Spilka Offices.

Head of Real Estate Slovakia

Division References

14-21 Rushworth st.

Rare Central London development project located in one of London’s most exciting and vibrant submarkets.

Spilka Offices

A listed building in the heart of Bratislava that was converted into an environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art office and retail space.

A listed building situated in the most prestigious area of downtown Bratislava that was transformed into a deluxe office building.

A brownfield office development project and retail premises in the city center of Bratislava.


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