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By | 30/04/2018

We Have Moved.

Industrial Zone Real Estate is excited to announce that we have moved to our new business premises located at Unit 3/60 Fairford Road Padstow. Over the past few months, we have been busy renovating our new premises, which provides excellent access parking for our clients together with our very own In Rooms Auction Facilities. Your loyal business and support are one of the main reasons why we have grown over the years, we look forward to seeing you at our new premises. So if you are passing by make sure you drop in for a chat.

Commercial Property Real Estate in Sydney

Want to buy commercial property in Sydney or perhaps sell or manage it? Then you have certainly come to the right place. At Industrial Zone Real Estate we are the leading property experts in Sydney. Though we specialize mainly in everything related to commercial properties we also manage an array of other types of properties. Our years of experience in this industry allows us to provide services and insight into the industry for people which is unsurpassed, whether they are looking to buy, sell or rent their property.

Honest and efficient

Over the years we at Industrial Zone Real Estate have managed to build a reputation for being honest and knowledgeable. We have helped dozens of people to buy, sell, lease and rent commercial property. We are always honest and pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most relevant pieces of information that they will need in order to make the right decision. We take it upon ourselves to guide people who are new in the industry or know little about properties so that they can make a decision based on their needs and budget. The same goes for people who may be considering selling their property.

Benefit from our experience

At Industrial Zone Real Estate dealing in property is something that we have been doing for a very long time. Over the years we have seen the property market in Sydney both rise sharply and decline steadily over the years. Even though property trends can at times be unpredictable, experienced people like us can predict future trends with a great degree of accuracy. This is why we invite people regardless of who they are to come and benefit from our years of experience. So, if you want to buy commercial property or sell what you have, we can tell you exactly what to expect and if you should hold on, etc.

We deal in all types of commercial property

We specialize and deal in almost all types of commercial properties in Sydney. There is no property that is too small or too big for us to handle. As a matter of fact, we have a team of experts who specialize in handling the sales and purchase of specific types of commercial property. This ensures that regardless of if you are selling or buying, we have the right people to take care of it in the most efficient and hassle free manner.

Serve all areas of Sydney

At Industrial Zone Real Estate we service all areas of the city. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service on commercial property for sales and purchases, and a one stop solution when it comes to real estate services. By serving the entire Sydney area we aim to provide a service that everyone can trust will deliver exactly what they need regardless of where they live. Plus our clients know that when they hire us, they benefit from our years of industry experience and our trust chain of contacts who make it possible for us to deliver a great service.

Trustworthy professionals

Over the years Industrial Zone Real Estate has built a reputation for being trustworthy. We always deliver on our promise and have never let our clients down. This is despite the fact that the property market in Sydney is known to fluctuate but our service strives to ensure that everyone who deals with us is kept abreast with the latest changes so that they can make decisions which suit their needs the best. This is especially the case with commercial property, mainly because of the ever-changing face of business. We ensure that our clients are provided with the best advice regardless of whether they are buying or selling a piece of property.

Your one stop solution

Buying or selling commercial property is a serious business which is why we are serious about helping you. So, whether you want to buy or sell, you can trust us to help you in the best possible way.

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