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By | 31/03/2017

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So, what kind of real estate investor are you?

Do you attend one of those real estate conferences – you know the ones – where they gather all of their World wide experts to give you all the amazing reasons why Burkina Faso is THE next place to buy real estate, of course Brad Pitt has bought here, real estate has been appreciating at over 150% every time a cow farts, and never mind the dirt roads, frequent power outages, and non running brown tap water. you are early in and a visionary. Just buy this pre construction 47 meter back alley view apartment for $5500 a meter. in 3 years at completion it will easily be worth double.

Are you the guy who uses 250% non owner occupied, pay option arm, 3 month fixed interest rate loans, paying less than the interest amount per month? Every time a new credit card comes in the mail with 0% interest for balance transfers you play the credit card game. Eventually getting so crafty that you forget the credit card companies are 2 steps ahead of you, you make a mistake, all your credit cards are jacked up to 39% interest rate, and soon enough your real estate empire crumbles and you burn all of your Robert G Allen and Carlton Sheets books.

Well, from the No Money Down wanna be’s to the early in visionaries – you have found the right place.

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