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By | 31/05/2017

#offer to purchase real estate form

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One of the first steps to take when you wish to purchase real estate is to make an offer to the seller. The offer should be in writing and should contain the terms and conditions of the offer.

This Florida Offer to Purchase Real Estate can be used by the potential buyer to make an offer to purchase the property from the seller. This document is only an offer and is not a contract or agreement for the purchase of the real estate. The offer states that the buyer is willing to pay a certain price for the property when certain conditions are met. The conditions include obtaining financing, satisfactory inspections reports, entering into a standard Agreement for the Sale of Real Estate and more.

Some of the important provisions in this Offer to Purchase Real Estate include:

  • Parties: The parties to the transaction;
  • Property: Description and location of property;
  • Offer: The amount of money offered, including deposits and balances due
  • Conditions: Lists of conditions of the offer, which include financing conditions, marketable title, closing date and expiration of offer.

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This packet prepared by lawyers includes:

  1. Information on Offer to Purchase Real Estate
  2. Florida Offer to Purchase Real Estate

State Law Compliant: This form can be used in Florida

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