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By | 31/07/2017

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How to Buy Property in Brazil

Today Brazil ranks as the 13th largest economy in the world, following a recent boost in GDP. And such growth is set to continue, with the nation’s economy predicted to become the fifth biggest on the planet by 2035. Such figures bode well for investors, though with the global recession biting there is a degree of caution that should be exercised. Brazil has found itself suffering from the downturn almost through no fault of its own, but is feeling the effects all the same. Government measures to try to head off the worst of the recession by promoting strong growth and reducing debt burdens has created some inflationary pressures. As a result, rental yields in many areas are now below the level of inflation, reducing the attractiveness of rental investments.

However, many investors are choosing Brazil for potential capital growth rather than rental yield. Some areas of North Eastern Brazil, especially around Bahia, have been attracting as much as 20 per cent annual capital appreciation over the past few years – and other areas are expected to rise at a healthy rate too. When the global economy makes it out of the darkness of recession, Brazil should be able to continue this development.

Tourism development should also continue in the future – Brazil has only had a Ministry of Tourism to promote the country as a holiday destination since 2005, so there still be plenty of scope for growth there.

Anyone looking to buy property in Brazil will find this how to guide useful.

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