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By | 06/10/2016

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The Lake of the Ozarks Real Estate Company

Our New Customers Become Our Old Friends is the motto that John Farrell Real Estate has been built on. John’s success over the years has come from the belief that serving the customer, representing their specific needs and wants and going the extra mile for them will build Trust, Friendship and Loyalty. Learn More about how you’ll benefit by working with John Farrell Real Estate Company.

The Real Estate at Lake of the Ozarks is a diverse market offering something for every buyer.

The number one attraction for buyers to Lake of the Ozarks is the Lake of Ozarks waterfront homes and lake condos but included in the many options for investment at Lake of the Ozarks are homes on any of the several world class golf courses, many commercial investments both lakefront and offshore, Moderate to luxurious offshore homes and small to large acreages for homes and recreation.

The Lake of the Ozarks has property for every type of buyer. Call John Farrell Real Estate today to speak with one of our REALTORS about helping you to buy or sell real estate at Lake of the Ozarks.

During the 15 years that he spent in the banking business John Farrell learned that trust, friendship and loyalty are the keys to a successful business and he brought those ideas with him when he opened John Farrell Real Estate in 1984. Since June of 1984 John Farrell Real Estate has assisted many buyers and sellers with their real estate needs and during that time John Farrell Real Estate has created many Old Friends.

John Farrell Real Estate is a family business. In 1988 John s wife Lynn. joined the Real Estate team and with time, patience, and hard work she has built herself into one of the most productive REALTORS at Lake of the Ozarks. Their son Jonas Farrell joined the company in January of 1999 and their youngest son Justin joined the company in 2007.

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