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By | 05/02/2017

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Montreal Real Estate Directory

For some people, buying or selling their home can be a stressful undertaking. For others, it is a positive and exciting experience.

My name is Chand Wadhwani. and it is my personal goal as a realtor to provide you with the information and personalized service required to inspire your confidence, comfort and satisfaction.

My clients benefit from my extensive knowledge of the Montreal real estate mark et, but it is also my professionalism, knowledge of the terrain, and attention to detail that sets me apart from larger groups. I guarantee the use of the best means possible to help you realize your desire to purchase or sell.

Because a property investment is an investment in one s future, I prescribe a code of ethics and professional conduct for each buyer and seller, ensuring optimal guidance and security for both.

Much more than a mere intermediary between the buyer and seller, I am present to support you through every legal and financial step. I offer my expertise to accompany or advise you until your goal of buying or selling is reached.


HONESTY: I believe in being fully transparent and in sharing all the information in my possession with my clients. During a negotiation, I take pride in actively listening to your wishes as well as being responsive and honest.

CONFIDENTIALITY: A real estate project is a private matter. I will never disclose personal information about an owner or a potential buyer.


Evaluation : I rely on market statistics and experience to evaluate your property at a fair price, taking its particular characteristics into account.

Selling : Beyond the typical buyer-seller relationship, I will support you at every stage of your real estate project; offering benefits, services or solutions as needed.

Visits : My contacts database is immediately searched for people who may be interested in your property. I process all inquiries, selecting potential buyers based on their needs and means. I also do a regular follow up with the seller on the sale of the property.

Offers : When a client makes a purchase offer, I first ensure that the client has an adequate financial profile. Upon confirmation, I immediately advise the seller, giving my objective professional opinion. Negotiations are then conducted to achieve the best compromise for both parties.

Agreement of sale : After linking the notaries of both parties, I monitor the process to ensure a smooth operation.

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