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Product Description

VW Transporter T3/T25 Backlit dash lighting upgrade kit.

Developed to bring your Transporter T3/T25/Vanagon dash illumination up to date and in line with modern vehicles by providing back-lit characters on all of the instruments with an illuminated needle like you see on current vehicles.

This kit is designed to provide a sympathetic replacement for your current gauge faces, meaning that once installed they will look completely stock during daylight hours. However once night time comes and your lights are turned on your dash is revolutionsed into a modern, back lit, easy to read version of your current cluster.

Got a KPH speedo in your imported van? Here s the solution!

The MPH kit has markings for both MPH and KMH. This means they provide an option for those people who currently have a Kilometers per Hour (KMH) speedometer and wish to change to MPH without needing to buy an entire speedo unit. The bonus being that all the lighting is upgraded as well as changing the units of measurement.

Like to dim down on a long haul night drive? No problem.

The brightness and hue of the gauge illumination can be adjusted via the inclusive adjuster. The brightness of the needle can also be adjusted via the original brightness adjuster on the original headlight switch.

Suitable for all VW T3/T25/Vanagon from 1982 – 1992

Installation requires a minimal amount of tools and no specialist knowledge.

(Note – your van must currently have an Analogue Clock)

The following items are included in each kit:

  • 1x Speedometer gauge face
  • 1x Analogue Clock gauge face
  • 1x 12V Ballast with hue brightness adjustment control (with sticky pad for mounting)
  • 1x Fuel gauge face
  • 1x Temp gauge face
  • 2x LED s for speedometer Analogue Clock
  • 1x White light LED for the center console
  • 1x Scotch block connector (for splicing into power feed from headlight switch)
  • 1x Piece of silver foil tape (for the insides of the bulb holders to create a reflector)
  • 1x Pot of paint for all needles (speedo, rev counter, fuel and temp)
  • 2x strips of 3M VHB Tape (very high bond double sided tape for fuel and temp gauge faces)


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