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By | 12/06/2018

Continue Me: The Online Real Estate Continuing Education App

Renew your real estate license with Massachusetts online continuing education classes for your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, for just $24.99.

Real estate classes online

Easily Renew Your License

You’re constantly doing business on the go. Shouldn’t you be able to complete your license renewal course on the go, too? We think so, and that’s why we made Continue Me, the Massachusetts certified real estate continuing education app that works anywhere. Now you can take your CE credits on you PC, tablet, or phone! Never sit in a classroom, or stuck at your computer watching videos, again!

Real estate classes online

Massachusetts Certified

Freedom Trail Realty School, Inc. is a Massachusetts licensed and bonded school of real estate located in Boston, and we’re authorized by the State of Massachusetts to teach the continuing education curriculum online with our app. Continue Me complies with all of the Massachusetts Real Estate Board’s regulations for online CLE classes.

Real estate classes online

High Quality Classes

Our real estate school is consistently one of the highest rated schools in the state, and Continue Me is the best, and easiest, way to complete your 12 hours of real estate license renewal classes. You’ll never find yourself stuck in a classroom again. So free yourself from the classroom, and sign up for Continue Me today!

Finally, Mobile Friendly Online Continuing Education

Continue Me lets you take Freedom Trail Realty School’s Massachusetts certified online continuing education classes on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. All you need is an internet connection to take your license renewal classes wherever it’s convenient, and to print out your license renewal certificate when you’re done. Easy! For the first time ever, you can take your 12 hours of online real estate continuing education credits during the drive to your listing appointment, at the gym, or anywhere else you have your phone.

Real estate classes online

Our Online MA Real Estate CE Class Topics

Real estate classes online


National Economic Trends

Your success, and your clients’ wealth, is directly impacted by the housing market. In this class you’ll learn the effects of the housing crash on today’s market, what’s currently happening with the real estate market, and where the experts think the housing market is going. Official class outline.

Real estate classes online


Massachusetts Licensing Law

Keep up to date on the laws and regulations that govern your real estate license. This class will inform you about the legislative and regulatory landscape governing real estate licensees, and any changes to it that you should be aware of. Official class outline.

Real estate classes online


Real Estate Laws and Regulations for Owners and Managers

Whether you’re a broker or a salesperson you need to know the rules governing brokerages. In this class you’ll learn about topics like MGL 93A, compensation arrangements, and independent contractor rules. Official class outline.

Real estate classes online


This class is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of real estate financing. It will give you an overview of: the finance industry’s impacts on the real estate market, how banks handle financing for real estate, how financing markets work, and how to better help your clients navigate the whole process so that you can close more deals. Official class outline.

Real estate classes online


As a real estate agent your job relies on the way that the law, and the State of Massachusetts, handles your relationships with your clients. This class will clarify the laws surrounding these relationships, which real estate agents so often misunderstand, to help you avoid lawsuits and better serve your clients. Official class outline.

Real estate classes online


Contracts are central to the practice of real estate, but many agents don’t fully understand how they work. This class will give you an overview of the legal framework that governs contracts in Massachusetts, and help you better understand how the contracts you encounter in your daily practice work. Official class outline.

What Students Say About Our Classes

We’ve helped thousands of people renew, and get, their Massachusetts real estate licenses. Here’s what a few of our students have to say about our real estate continuing education and pre-licensing classes. If you’re interested in reading more reviews, you can find even more of our students’ reviews on our Yelp page.

Recently took my class @ Freedom Trail Realty School, they take what could be extreme dry content and make it interesting. Highly recommend!” Michelle K., Boston MA

Will is hands down the best real estate instructor in the Boston area. He knows the material cold.” Raleigh W., Somerville MA

I liked the way he taught, he explained concepts through stories, and even cracked jokes. If you’re looking for a school go here. Very happy with my choice!” Ashley J., Boston MA

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