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By | 30/04/2017

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The University of Minnesota s Real Estate Office provides real estate services from leasing. licensing. and purchase and sale of real estate to permits for University property.

Mission Statement

The Real Estate Office provides system-wide leadership in the area of real estate management. Its twofold mission is to:

  • Provide exceptional real estate services in support of the University’s threefold mission of research and discovery, teaching and learning, and outreach and public service, and
  • Generate the highest return over the long-term in the strategic management of the University investment real estate and surplus property – those properties not assigned to a campus or research facility (Rosemount Research Center, Trust Lands, Severed Minerals, Salt Spring Lands and oversight of the Permanent University Fund [PUF] Lands).

The vision of the Real Estate Office is to create strategic value by integrating the management of the University’s real estate assets into its decision-making processes.

Real Estate Policies

Current policies defining operation of the Real Estate Office can be found in the U Wide Policy Library at specifically:

Administrative Policies:  Real Estate

  • Acquiring and Disposing of University Real Estate

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