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By | 30/04/2017

#real estate marketing ideas

Real Estate Postcard Marketing Ideas

Direct-mail postcards are perfect real estate promotion tools. They re hard to miss and deliver a quick, clean message that drives response when done correctly.

Here are a few real estate direct-mail postcard marketing ideas you can use for your next marketing campaign :

Strut your stuff

You re good at what you do, right? Let everyone know with a postcard that highlights client success. Buyers seeking a new home will trust your company more if they read testimonials from and see images of real people in their new homes. Tell a brief story about a newlywed couple that just purchased their first home; or for sellers, show how you helped someone else unload a hard-to-sell property at an above-value price.

Spread the news

Try turning your postcard into a newscard, which is simply a postcard-sized newsletter with two or three stories. Put one story on the address side of your postcard and two more on the other. Incorporate a huge, compelling newspaper headline to grab attention fast. Not sure what to write about? Success stories, weekly tips and online resources are good topics, for starters.

Drive traffic to your home page with postcard-to-website marketing, which is one of the very best ways to increase response rate, period. Use your postcard to get clients to your website for home listings, to redeem an offer or to sign up for a mailing list.

Target your audience well

Make sure each postcard has a definitive purpose aimed at a very specific audience. Are you targeting homeowners who live on the bad side of town and have good incomes? Create a postcard inviting them to learn how to upgrade their dwellings. How about investors seeking rental units? Tell them how to efficiently turn shabby apartment complexes into million-dollar condos. Naturally, you need to sketch your audience s demographics and create a highly targeted mailing list .

Try something different

With today s online tools, clients have become less dependent on real estate agents for home listings and basic home buying and selling information. What the Internet hasn t provided is personal trust through face-to-face interaction. Most people will browse online for market research, but will go to a real estate agent to actually make the transaction. That s why it s so important that your clients trust you and are comfortable having you represent them in such high-stake matters of home and money. Add personal touches to your postcards; even a small note in your own handwriting can make a client feel at home with you.

The free consultation is no longer an effective offer. Everybody does it. Instead, offer a targeted incentive to take action: your clients could sign up for an online mailing list with weekly real estate transaction updates; or you could offer a downloadable guide to buying or selling a certain type of property; or how to increase home equity; or you could even offer a free home inspection or appraisal. These value-added offers can easily distance you from the competition and drive maximum response.

Print postcards that stand out

It should go without saying that your postcards should be printed on high-quality paper such as 16-point gloss or 13-point recycled eco-friendly matte; however, you should also consider sending an oversized real estate postcard for instant recognition. The traditional 4-inch by 6-inch is fine, but imagine how the rest of the mail will cower under your shadow if you send a 6-inch by 9-inch or a 6-inch by 11-inch postcard .

Like all direct-mail marketing. your real estate postcard success depends on the right mailing list, the right offer and the right design, copy and finish. Be creative in your presentation and outwit the competition with these tips, and your next real estate direct-marketing postcard is bound to be a huge success.

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